Sub-hanallahi Wa-be-hamdehi Islamic Wall Frame


Frame Size: 16″w x 24″h

Ready To Hang On Wall

Made in California USA

Framed Canvas – White
Full Canvas Wrap
Framed Canvas - White
Framed Canvas - Pecan Brown
Framed Canvas - Black
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About this product:


This ready to hang on wall 16”x24” Islamic Arabic Calligraphy Wall Frame is available in several beautiful Azkar and Tasbih-at for your home or office walls to bestow with Allah SWT’s rahma, baraka and will Insha-Allah provide protection too. As we all know, Alhamdolillah, just by saying (praying) even once, there is immense ajar insha-allah. So don’t delay and order one, two or all of them.


Two choices:


(1) Fully Wrapped Canvas: Fully wrapped Artist Canvas-Frame is MDF stretched frame, Semigloss Canvas material Digitally printed at high resolution. Highest quality and precision each canvas frame is carefully hand wrapped onto MDF frame.


(2) Framed Canvas: Same high quality semi gloss Artist Canvas is mounted on a hard backing board and then inset into surrounded by beautiful looking frame. The frame is 1.25″ deep the canvas is inset floats 0.25″ all edges for a clean and elegant look. Outer frame available in three colors to choose from: White, Brown wood or Black. Light weight and ready to hang on any wall that will stunningly beautify as well enlighten the atmosphere in the area with contemporary flair.

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Framed Canvas – White, Full Canvas Wrap, Full Canvas Wrap, Full Canvas Wrap, Full Canvas Wrap, Full Canvas Wrap, Framed Canvas – White, Framed Canvas – Pecan Brown, Framed Canvas – Black, Full Canvas Wrap



About The Frame

About the frame

Sub-hanallahi Wa-be-hamdehi Islamic Wall Frame
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